3 Steps to Your Own Flipped Lesson

3-part Masterclass hosted by Steve Botsford, MRE, MBA

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Join us for a FREE, 3-part Masterclass and discover how to create, share, and assess a flipped lesson for your religion education classes.

Join us for a FREE, 2-part Masterclass to learn the essential elements of close reading and how to scaffold your instruction to help students to analyze texts for deeper meaning.HERE’S WHAT YOU'LL LEARN:

CLASS 1: Creating Engaging Flipped Catechetical Learning Experiences

  • Learn how to create a flipped lesson for students to complete at home, on their own or with their families, to begin learning the content of the next lesson.

CLASS 2: Strategies to Send the Flipped Lesson Home

  • Discover strategies for sending the flipped lesson home at a time that maximizes student and family participation.

CLASS 3: Checking Understanding to Adjust Instruction

  • Finally, to more efficiently personalize your lesson plan, learn how to assess what students understand about topics.

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